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Kevin Richardson, was born in Lexington Kentucky on October 3, 1971. Son of Jerald Richardson who died of colon cancer in 1991 and Ann Littrell, sister of Brian Littrell's father. Kevin is the youngest of the three children of the marriage, being his brothers Jerald Jr. and Timothy.

He married actress Kristin Kay Willits on June 17, 2000, whom he met while working at Disney World. On July 3, 2007, their first son, Mason Frey Richardson Willits, was born and on July 10, 2013, their second son, Maxwell Haze Richardson Willits, was born.

Early on, Kevin was a choir member at Estill County High School in Kentucky as well as an amateur football player. In 2002, he performed as Billy Flynn in the Broadway musical, Chicago, which was a success not only there, but also in London and Toronto during the tour between November and December 2006.

After the Never gone tour ended, on June 6, 2006, he announced that he was leaving the band to continue with other projects and also focus on starting his own family with his wife, but 6 years later during the NKOTBSB tour they announced his return to the group becoming more Backstreet Boys than ever.

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