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Let's celebrate together on April 20, because that same day in 1993 our Backstreet Boys were officially born. It is known that the creator was Lou Pearlman, he wanted to form a group of five young boys who knew how to sing and dance. For this, he put ads in local newspapers and our boys Howie Dorough and AJ McLean were selected, with only 19 and 15 years old respectively, the third component was our little 13-year-old boy who had already done numerous jobs as a singer and actor: Nick Sump.

The fourth member, 21-year-old Kevin Richardson, hailed from Kentucky and worked at Orlando's Disney World amusement park as an entertainer (dressed as Aladdin). There was a fifth boy who after a while decided to leave the group to start a solo career, to whom we send our regards and we will be eternally grateful, since, thanks to this, Kevin proposed his dearest cousin, Brian Littrell 18 years old, who already stood out since he was a child in the choir of his church. 

The beginnings were very hard. Today the promotion of a music group may seem very easy, but let's remember that back then there was no internet and everything had to go through the big record companies. Our boys had great raw material, of course, but they also worked tirelessly to perfect their performances, singing classes, dance and, as an audience? Well, hundreds of institutes, churches... in the United States, that was the strategy, that everything the country knows them. Can you imagine having to meet all the people you have on social networks? Well, little more than that is what they had to do.

Not only did the students fall at their feet, but the label Jive Records wanted to record their first album for them: Backstreet Boys, which came out in 1996. While the United States had a hard time starting, in Europe the BSB fever began that lasts to today.

It will be with the single “Quit Playin' Games (with my Heart)” with which the North American public will end up surrendered in front of the talent of our five. Gold and Platinum in thirty-eight countries, with more than 130 million albums sold. Almost nothing!

Let's recount his immense discography:

•    Backstreet Boys (1996)
•    Backstreet's Back (1997)
•     Millennium (1999)
•     Black & Blue (2000)
•    The Hits – Chapter One (2001)
•     Never Gone (2005)
•   Unbreakable (2007)
•     This Is Us (2009)
•     In a World Like This (2013)
•    DNA (2019)

Although we still enjoy all the songs, we can't wait to know what the future will bring us... which will certainly be fascinating :P

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