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In our first Christmas as a Club, we prepared several simultaneous gatherings in 5 provinces of the country.

#BSBSACVAL was the first to premiere on December 7.

#BSBSACMAD and #BSBSACBCN were on December 14th where they were able to have dinner, and have a great night, meeting other Armys and talking about our boys.

#BSBSACVIG in Galicia was held in Vigo, where they rented a rural house for one night, with karaoke, dinner and lots of laughs.

#BSBSACMAL It was on December 21st that, after the big dinner, they went dancing and having a few drinks together.

Without a doubt, we are looking forward to repeating, and hopefully once the pandemic has passed, we can resume meetings in general and for Christmas too, wanting more Armys from other provinces to participate.

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